Monday, 8 February 2016

Free Astrology Calculators for your Relationship

Every girl or boy wants a that person who love them unconditionally, care endlessly.  But sometime we got that person who care or love in starting but after sometime he or she back up that time we feel sad and stay alone.

But now don’t worry free astrology gives you few calculators. With the help of these calculators you can check compatibility with your beloved one. There are many compatibility calculators.

Name Compatibility in Percentage
Name Compatibility  (based on Rashi and Planet)

In this post I will discuss about Name Compatibility calculator in precentage.  

This only Calculate Compatibility among your partner's name and your Name, You just only require to write your partner's name and your name, and hit click me heart for result, it will give you your name compatibility in percentage.

How it works
The Calculations in this Name compatibility depend on the name number and your accomplice's name number, and their similarity to love, sentiment, and so on. By counts, your names are contrasted and one another and your name's similarity is computed and showed in rate. This is a common soothsaying strategy to get similarity between two names.

Output (See the image)